Централно озвучаване
- Yamaha BR12M 12" 2-Way speackers - 2x300 w - 2 pcs

- Mixing Desk Peavey PV 10 USB Mixer
The PV10 compact mixer offers value and easy-to-use features. Reference-quality mic preamps with an astonishingly low 0.0007% THD make the PV 10 mixer excellent for live sound or project studio recording. The PV 10 mixer includes three-band EQ, effects send and monitor send on each channel. With six mono and two stereo channels, the PV 10 offers a total of eight inputs. The master section includes 48 volt phantom power, built-in digital effects, effects send and return, assignable tape input and a unique master contour EQ that helps sweeten the mix. Dual XLR and 1/4 inch outputs allow the PV 10 to easily connect with other equipment. Sleek metal design adds strength, durability and looks like no other mixer in its class.

- Peavey CS 200X - Professional Stereo Power Amplifier

Китарни Усилватели
- Orange CR60C Crush Pro 60W Guitar Amp + Orange PPC112 Cabinet 1x12
The Crush Pro Series marks our first foray into the realm of high powered, stage-ready solid state amplifiers. Taking its inspiration from the twin channel circuit in our prestigious Rockerverb series, the Crush Pro range has been developed using high grade solid state components. At Orange we have embraced this analogue technology and honed it to the point of perfection. The result is amplifiers that deliver the warm, rich tonal characteristics that have been our hallmark from the very beginning, coupled with extraordinary levels of versatility and construction to match.
CR60C combo is a classic two channel 60 Watt ‘grab and go’ 1×12” combo, combining portability with an array of high class tones, perfect for club gigs. The internal Voice of the World speaker is the same driver found in our Tiny Terror and TH30 combos, blending vintage highs with a modern low end response. It’s a speaker that really loves to be pushed, and one which we are very proud of.
The Clean channel is a vintage-inspired design, with plenty of sparkle. As the volume control increases, the amp begins to break up into bluesy crunch at higher settings with musical, touch sensitive overdrive. The overall output volume can then be reduced to ‘bedroom levels’ with global master volume. The Dirty channel takes its roots from the Rockerverb, covering a wide dynamic range with four stages of gain. Even at the limit, the Dirty channel remains tight and focused with sustain for days! Complete with professional details like a super transparent, fully buffered effects loop, footswitchable digital reverb (hall/spring/plate) and 18mm birch plywood construction, the CR60C will always perform, wherever your music takes you. Orange PPC112 Speaker Cabinet featuring a 60 Watt Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker

- Marshall JCM2000 DSL401
The DSL401 is a compact, EL84-powered 1 x12″ combo, but don’t let its relatively small size fool you, it packs a powerful punch.
The most significant difference from the rest of the DSL range, is the DSL401 has three footswitchable sounds – Clean, OD1 & OD2! The difference between OD1 and OD2 is a massive 20dB boost, which is instantly accessible with a mere tap of your foot on the supplied 2-way (Clean/OD, OD1/OD2) LED footswitch. Like its bigger brothers, the Clean channel of the DSL401 produces a wide array of crystal clear yet complex, clean sounds. It also gets big ‘n’ bluesy when the channel’s Gain control is cranked up.
The DSL401 also boasts the following rear panel attributes: dual speaker jacks (with an 8 Ohm/16 Ohm impedance selector switch) for driving external cabinets, speaker emulated DI output and an optional Reverb on/off footswitch jack.
4 x EL84 output valves and 4x ECC83 Preamp Valves

Усилвател и кабинет за бас китара
- Hartke Model HA2000 Bass Amplifier
Designed with more control in mind. Virtually unlimited tone-shaping and plenty of power for maximum headroom in any playing situation. Selectable tube and solid state preamps for a rainbow of new tone colors. Pinpoint equalization, tone control and compression to fine-tune each sound. Built rugged, each amp is known for the clean, high-impact sound that put Hartke on the map.200 watts at 4 ohms/120 watts at 8 ohms. Selectable tube & solid state preamps. Bass & treble Contour controls. 10-band graphic EQ. Adjustable compression. Effects loop.

- Hartke 410XL - Bass Cabinet
Professionals choose the XL Series because of its carefully calibrated and tuned cabinet design along with its high-quality aluminum cone drivers. These cabinets produce a smooth response along with the clear, punchy attack that changed the sound of bass. The 410XL features a twin chamber, dual-ported design. Housed in the cab are four 10-inch proprietary low frequency drivers that employ large voice coils, impregnated fabric surrounds and convex dust covers, all mounted in a heavy-duty steel frame. And with 400 watts of available power handling and a frequency response of 30 Hz to 5 kHz, this cabinet ensures professional performance and remarkable tone for any style of playing. Built for the road, the 410XL uses heavy-duty plywood construction and is covered in rugged carpet. Additionally, a recessed jack plate and ergonomic metal handles make transporting this cab no sweat. With strength to endure and tone to amaze, the 410XL ensures a performance that will make mouths drop.

- Yamaha Gigmaker 20'' Fusion Drum Kit, Burgundy Glitter
20"x16" Bass Drum
10"x8" Tom
12"x9" Tom
14"x14" Floor Tom
14"x5.5" Snare Drum
Hi-Hat Stand
Cymbal stands 4 pcs
Matching wood bass drum hoops, basswood/poplar shells and double braced hardware all lead to a high quality kit that will not disappoint even an experienced drummer.

Drum Pedals
- Pearl P-902 Power Shifter Double Bass Drum Pedal
- Yamaha FP7210A Bass Drum Pedal

- Shure SM58 Vocal Microphone 2 pcs
- SM57 Instrument Microphone 2pcs
- Audio Technica MB1K Dynamic Vocal Microphone
- Electro-Voice N/D367S Supercardioid Dynamic vocal microphone
- Gatt-Audio Vocal-Microphone DM-100 2pcs
- Gatt Audio 7 Piece Professional Drum Microphone Set
- Shure PG56 - A compact drum microphone for close miking.
- Shure Beta 52A Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone

Стаята е оборудвано с микрофонни стойки и стойки за китари Gorilla 5 Way Multi Guitar Stand.